Nashville, TN Advances Equality Despite Proposed Anti-Gay Legislation

The Nashville city council has approved new rules for city contractors that limit discrimination against gay and transgender people - just six months after Memphis Councilmember Janis Fullilove received death threats at her home for sponsoring that ordinance.   The city council voted 21-15 to “require firms doing business with the city to promise not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity,” reports  “The message it sends is that if you are talented and willing to work, you’re welcome in Nashville, Tennessee,” Chris Sanders of Tennessee Equality Project, the local LGBT-advocacy group, told the paper. But while the news from Nashville is celebratory, the vote comes as the state House is considering a bill that would strip all local municipalities of their abilities to enact and enforce anti-discrimination policies. HB 600 and SB 632 are currently wending the bodies of the Tennessee legislature with a subcommittee vote on each happening within the next week. GLAAD is working with Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) to elevate the voices of hardworking Tennesseans who would be affected by the change. We also encourage you to be part of the movement in Tennessee by signing TEP’s petition to protect Tennessee’s high qualified and skilled workers.