American Federation of Teachers Partners with GLAAD in New Anti-Bullying Campaign

Today, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) will launch its national anti-bullying campaign, “See a Bully, Stop a Bully: Make a Difference.” The campaign aims to raise awareness about bullying and will provide resources to educators, students, parents and others. As part of the campaign, the AFT has also created blue wristbands that will be widely distributed in schools across the country and will reflect solidarity in the effort against bullying. Information on how to get the posters and anti-bullying bands can be found at GLAAD will be partnering with the AFT in this effort and will be giving out the wristbands in gift bags at tomorrow's GLAAD Media Awards ceremony in New York, where over 300 young people will attend as part of GLAAD’s Young Adult Program. AFT President and member of GLAAD's Board of Directors, Randi Weingarten, said, "When students see their teachers or anyone wearing the blue wristband it will serve as a signal to students that they are not alone, that school is a safe haven, and that they can turn to and depend on their educators to deal with bullying or harassment." The AFT will also be partnering with GLAAD on a bilingual, youth-focused PSA campaign called “Amplify Yourself!” which will touch on issues including anti-LGBT bullying. The PSAs are set to be released during the 2011 back-to-school season. In an official press release last week, the White House highlighted AFT’s partnership with GLAAD and called for a united effort to address bullying. In October 2010, GLAAD bridged a vital new partnership with Facebook to counter anti-LGBT cyberbullying. GLAAD is also in partnership with MTV’s “A Thin Line” campaign which aims to prevent digital abuse and harassment.