March's IN THE LIFE: "Our Bodies, Our Rights" Tackles Juvenile Injustice and Gender-Policing

The longest running television series highlighting LGBT issues and culture, March’s IN THE LIFE reports on the abuse and discrimination LGBT youth face in the juvenile justice system, followed by a look at the consequences teens face for not conforming to gender-normative dress and behavior in their homes and schools due to “gender-policing.” IN THE LIFE presents “Juvenile Injustice,” reporting on the inordinate proportion of LGBT youth in the juvenile justice system. Gay and transgender teens are more often detained for crimes than straight teens, and the correctional facilities these teens are sent to are often full of unchecked harassment and abuse from both other teens and the staff.  IN THE LIFE reports on the discrimination and abuse LGBT youth who go through the juvenile justice system are likely to encounter, featuring the stories of youth in ill-equipped correctional institutions and the advocates who are working tirelessly for change. Next, young people are transcending the boundaries of gender-normative behavior, but schools continue to enforce traditional gender roles and dress codes. IN THE LIFE’s segment “Policing Gender” looks at the consequences young people face for not conforming to gender “appropriate” dress and behavior in school and at home. You can watch the full episode below, or on the IN THE LIFE website.