Powerful Documentary on Angie Zapata's Life and Murder Finished

Angie Zapata

Filmmaker Alan Dominguez has completed a captivating documentary chronicling the 2008 murder of 18-year-old Angie Zapata, a young transgender woman, in Greeley, Colorado. Set against the trail of Zapata’s murder, Photos of Angie explores not only Zapata’s journey of self-discovery, but also global transgender issues and the passage of hate crimes legislation in the United States. “In telling her story, I hope Angie's light continues to shine to open all of our minds,” Dominguez told GLAAD.  “I am so grateful to Angie's family for allowing me into their lives and discussing their most difficult chapter." The film includes extensive interviews with Zapata’s family, who has approved of the film’s final cut. “I am overwhelmed with the outcome of Photos of Angie,” shared Zapata’s mother, Maria. “It is a wonderful film that captures the spirit of my daughter. I am glad her legacy will live on.” The film will be previewed this weekend at “Gold Rush,” an annual conference held by The Gender Identity Center of Colorado. GLAAD worked extensively in Colorado with transgender leaders and local organizations during the trial and eventual conviction of Zapata’s murderer. Information on Photos of Angie can be found on the documentary’s website and facebook page. Click here to watch the film’s trailer.