Alaska Board of Regents Adopts Gay Inclusive Non-Discrimination Policy

Today the University of Alaska Board of Regents voted 8-2 to include sexual orientation in the University’s non-discrimination policy. According to KTUU, “University President Pat Gamble says after discussions with students, ‘I was inspired to look at the national norms and what's going on nationwide. We're not breaking trail here, there are lots of others in the nation. I think for this university the positive energy it will generate is not insignificant.’" Last week GLAAD worked with Alaskans Together for Equality to develop messaging that encouraged students and faculty to turn out at public hearings and support this policy change.  Alaskans Together partnered with student groups and ran advertisements in student newspapers encouraging turn out at the Board of Regents meeting. Public testimony was held over two days, and was decisively supportive of the policy change.  The policy will protect University of Alaska students and faculty from being targeted for discrimination based on sexual orientation.