February's IN THE LIFE: "You Are Not Alone" features bullying and Dustin Lance Black

This month on IN THE LIFE, the longest running television series highlighting LGBT issues and culture, reports about several suicide deaths by LGBT and LGBT-perceived youth in the Fall of 2010 and the psychological well-being of our youth, which can often be detrimentally affected by bullying.  Then, Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black returns to his hometown high school to inspire LGBT students, and In The Life Media staff share their personal stories of hope for young viewers. February's IN THE LIFE takes a look at bullying, interviewing experts and victims.  Studies show that bullied youth are five times more likely to be depressed, and teens who are LGBT or perceived to be LGBT are the most frequent targets of bullying.  Families of youth who died by suicide are also interviewed. The families of Erik Mohat and Carl Joseph Walker Hoover channel their loss into fighting for federal legislation to protect all children, gay or straight, from the toxic environments where bullying is tolerated. Then, IN THE LIFE accompanies Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black as he returns to his hometown high school as part of Live Out Loud’s “The Homecoming Project.” Black addresses the student body with a message of hope from his hero Harvey Milk, who inspired him as a gay Mormon teen to stop trying to be invisible in an effort to hide from himself and his community. The students and faculty genuinely connect with his message of embracing diversity and his personal story of overcoming his trepidation and accepting himself, and the In The Life Media staff conclude the segment with their own stories of hope. You can watch the full episode below, or on the IN THE LIFE website.