GLAAD Staff Attend the 23rd National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change

This week, from February 2-6, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is hosting Creating Change, the annual conference that brings LGBT people and allies together for workshops and discussions about the work being done to advocate for LGBT equality.  Attendees include elected officials, staff and volunteers of both non-profit and grass roots organizations, students, and faith leaders.  This year's conference is being held in Minneapolis at the Hilton Minneapolis. GLAAD staff have both attended and led some of these workshops this week. On Thursday, GLAAD held the New Media Training Institute, which was a day-long session that taught attendees about digital tools and social media and how those tools could be used in advocacy work. The following day, Senior Media Field Strategist Daryl Hannah led Lights, Camera, Action: Intensive Real World Training for Movement Leaders, which presented organization leaders with tools to help them become even more effective spokespeople for their organizations in interviews with high-profile media outlets.  Media Field Strategist Justin Ward led a session in Practice Spirit, Do Justice, a mini-conference running in conjunction with Creating Change that aims to build stronger connections between faith communities and secular organizations.  The session, Media Savvy for Media Strategies, taught attendees about the ways in which they could more effectively engage with the media in order to make sure the stories of LGBT people of faith, pro-LGBT denominations, and allies are told. Today, GLAAD's Director of Digital Initiatives, Allison Palmer, and Rev. Janet Edwards will be co-presenting Of Faith and On-Line: Tools to Get Going, which will focus on the best practices for using social media and digital tools to amplify stories about LGBT people and allies within conversations about religion, faith, and values.  GLAAD's Senior Director of Media Programs, Rashad Robinson, and Choice USA's Communications Director, Kate Childs Graham, will be leading To Plan or Not to Plan: There is No Question When it Comes to Effective Communications, a training that will provide attendees with the basic steps for creating and implementing effective communications plans. GLAAD also has a table set up at Creating Change with staff members who are available to tell you about GLAAD's work, current projects, and how you can become involved.  Please stop by and learn more about who we are and what we do! GLAAD would like to thank the Task Force for planning this conference that not only helps us build our skill sets and learn how to be more effective advocates, but also helps us strengthen our sense of community and support for one another.