December's IN THE LIFE Tackles LGBT Stigma

This month on IN THE LIFE, a PBS documentary series that shares LGBT stories, viewers will learn about the stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS and bisexuality coming from both within and outside of the LGBT community. Although GLAAD joined millions who celebrated World AIDS Day on December 1st to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, more than 30 states still have laws criminalizing HIV exposure or nondisclosure of one's HIV/AIDS status. The first segment of this month's episode addresses the power that these laws have in spreading misinformation about those affected by the disease. The second segment highlights the bisexual community, and recent research that has shown that bisexual women fare worse in general health than heterosexuals, bisexual men, lesbians, and gay men. Researchers discuss the cause of this disparity and how it ties into perceptions about the erroneous perceptions that bisexuality is a "myth." The full episode can be viewed below or on IN THE LIFE's website.