New Jersey's Trentonian Corrects Offensive Headline After GLAAD Outreach on Transgender Terminology

As many of us know, umemployment and workplace discrimination are much too prevalent within the transgender community.  On Sunday, the Associated Press sounded a hopeful note with their report about an exciting new initiative aimed at curbing these problems in San Francisco, an initiative that many transgender advocates are hoping will soon become a model for other cities. GLAAD and others were thrilled to see this story picked up by newspapers across the country.  Much less thrilling was the headline assigned to the story by The Trentonian, a New Jersey newspaper with a circulation of more than 32,000. Here's how the headline appeared originally: After this was brought to our attention, GLAAD reached out to Aaron Nobel, the editor of The Trentonian.  We spoke with Aaron as to why this headline is offensive and supplied him and his staff with a copy of our Media Reference Guide.  Shortly after our call, we received an e-mail from Aaron saying that the problematic headline was corrected according to our recommendations. Here's the headline as it now reads on The Trentonian Web site: What a difference a headline makes. GLAAD appreciates The Trentonian's swift response to our outreach, and we are hopeful that, because of this outreach, The Trentonian will appoach their word choices about transgender people with much more sensitivity going forward.  In addition to today's outreach, we've encouraged The Trentonian staff to call on GLAAD should they have questions about how to say something related to LGBT issues in the future. Thanks again to those in the community who brought the offensive headline to our attention.