NC Radio Station Corrects Anti-Transgender Coverage

Clear Channel radio station G105 based in Raleigh, North Carolina, devoted time during its Friday, Nov. 19 morning program to observe Transgender Day of Remembrance following a previous broadcast that used defamatory terminology to refer to transgender individuals. On Nov. 12, hosts of the Bob and Showgram morning show interviewed a straight-identified male caller who shared his story of meeting a transgender woman while in a nightclub. When he discovered that the woman was transgender, the caller said he no longer wanted a sexual relationship with her.   During the interview, the hosts used several defamatory comments, including “it” and “she-him,” to refer to the woman.  One of the hosts even went as far as to advocate violence against her and likened her to a sexually transmitted infection. GLAAD immediately reached out to G105 to educate the hosts and the station’s producers about the proper terminology to be used when referring to transgender individuals and to demand an apology for the transphobic references. The station’s manager was very receptive to GLAAD’s outreach and immediately apologized on behalf of his staff. He also agreed to include information about Transgender Day of Remembrance in the morning show. We appreciate the G105’s dedication to ensuring that this type of transphobic commentary does not occur again on the station. Click here to listen to the G105 observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance.  MK - TRANSGENDER DAY (MASTER)