Jim Carrey Puts David Letterman in his Place for Question About Playing a Gay Character

While promoting his upcoming film I Love You Phillip Morris, Jim Carrey called out David Letterman on the host's own show for asking whether he worried that playing a gay character would hurt his leading man image. After some light banter, including Carrey's demonstration of the ocular seduction techniques he learned for the film, Letterman turned the discussion towards Carrey's portrayal of a gay con man: "And, in terms of a leading man, a heterosexual playing a homosexual, do homosexuals say 'well, that shouldn't have been a homosexual' or do you worry about your image as a heterosexual leading man playing a homosexual?" Giving Letterman a slightly bewildered look, Carrey replied "Boy, we haven't grown at all, have we?" Carrey continued "We haven't grown at all.... We're still children in the schoolyard. Honestly. No offense Dave, for god's sakes, have you ever seen a gay man? Are there gay people in Indiana? Is it ok to be gay there, is what I'm asking. There's not a policy against gay people there or here?" The exchange begins at the 04:46 mark below: Binary Data KSZeRmwh7L8 On the whole however, Letterman seemed quite impressed with the film, in which Carrey's character repeatedly breaks out of prison to reunite with the former cellmate he fell in love with, played by Ewan McGregor.  The long-awaited film is based on a true story, and will finally receive a US release on December 3.