Bishop Gene Robinson Announces 2013 Retirement

November 12, 2010
Bishop Gene Robinson announced his retirement for 2013 as he strives to balance family and work demands in a climate that includes ongoing death threats The Right Rev. Robinson was the first openly gay bishop in The Episcopal Church and is still speaking out and posting an “It Gets Better” video despite the challenges he faces.  
Bishop Gene Robinson
He has faced many challenges from within his tradition as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, excluded Robinson from the Anglican 2008 global Lambeth Conference—all in the name of unity. Instead, Robinson flew on his own to England, spoke at local churches and ministered to the church outside of the church.  Even when Bishop Robinson offered the opening prayer for President Obama’s inaugural celebration, GLAAD and others fought to have his prayer televised with the rest of the celebration.  
In the midst of this, he has persisted as a bold and kind voice for full inclusion and equality.  For his support for Ugandans in their struggle against oppressive laws against LGBT people, Bishop Robinson will receive a service award at the upcoming Out Music Awards on December 1, World AIDS Day. During GLAAD’s 20th Anniversary, GLAAD awarded Bishop Robinson the Stephen F. Kolzak Award for his work to raise the visibility of LGBT-inclusive voices of faith.   Robinson has endeared himself to the members of the Diocese of New Hampshire and to millions of LGBT and allied people of faith. The Boston Globe said friends describe the bishop as “approachable, empathetic, and motivated spiritual leader that many in the state know simply as Gene…”