IN THE LIFE Follows LGBT Seniors as They Face Inequality in Healthcare

Older generations in the LGBT community face a unique set of obstacles  in America's health care system. November's IN THE LIFE presents a segment of Gen Silent, a feature-length documentary that follows LGBT seniors who are members of a generation who organized our community and forged the movement for equality. In the height of the AIDS epidemic, the LGBT community came together to care for the countless LGBT people whose lives were affected by the incurable infection. Today, LGBT seniors face a new set of obstacles, as they enter healthcare systems that are often insensitive and intolerant. Featured in the film is trans woman KrysAnne Hembrough, a senior who is working to find acceptance and a sense of community as she fights a terminal illness. Later, IN THE LIFE interviews Gen Silent's director Stu Maddux about KrysAnne's tenacity and contentment when she discovered a community that cared about her well-being when so many others did not. The full episode can be viewed below: To learn more about IN THE LIFE, go to