Today's Oprah Winfrey Show Features Ricky Martin and Chicago GLAAD Constituent

November 2, 2010
Pop singer Ricky Martin is set to give his first television interview since coming out-- on today's Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah's website says: "Ricky shares why he kept silent about his sexuality. Then, meet his 2-year-old twins! Plus, the world premiere of his new song with Joss Stone. Tune in today." GLAAD helped with this episode, placing our Chicago constituent Ricardo Torres on the program along with his mother Antonia Torres, from Odessa Texas.  Oprah producers were looking for people who had been inspired or changed by Ricky Martin's decision to live his life openly.  Ricardo Torres and his mom Antonia fit the bill. Ricardo is openly gay and his relationship with his mom (Antonia) improved greatly after Ricky Martin came out. After the taping last week Ricardo told us:  "We loved meeting Oprah and Ricky and felt so blessed for every moment.  More importantly, I felt like we were all vehicles used to deliver a message to the world about love and acceptance especially in the Latino Community." GLAAD thanks Ricardo and Antonia Torres and for telling their inspiring story as part of the Ricky Martin Oprah episode.  We're looking forward to watching.