Transphobia: There's NOT an App For That

At the urging of GLAAD and consumers alike, Apple has removed a transphobic iPhone application called “PeekaBoo Tra**y" from its iPhone app store. The company contacted us today to share its decision after we reached out yesterday with serious concerns. While we applaud Apple for taking quick action to remove the offensive application, we're still shocked that such a blatantly derogatory slur made it through Apple's famously strict approval process.  As Bilerico said yesterday: "This one made it through the process but a dictionary was blocked temporarily for including definitions for curse words and they still mark most LGBT apps as "contain age-restricted material" that requires you to put in your password to 'prove' you're over the age of 17." Bil Browning summarized the app: “Now what does this wonderful can’t-live-without-it app do? You take a picture with it and — wait for it — it adds a ‘tra**y’ into your picture. Get it? She’s playing ‘peekaboo!’ in your picture.” As we reported yesterday, the word “tra**y” in the title of the app is also a defamatory term that dehumanizes transgender people, so it’s extremely disappointing that Apple had approved this item for sale. We urge Apple to keep a closer eye out for anti-trans content in future applications that get submitted to them.