The D.C. Housewives Get Real About Anti-Gay Bullying

After GLAAD teamed up with other LGBT advocacy groups to remove anti-gay comments on a Facebook page promoting Spirit Day, the social networking website has launched its Network of Support, which not only offers solutions to removing anti-gay comments on Facebook, but also works to prevent hurtful comments from being posted. On Wednesday, Facebook released a video featuring the cast members from The Real Housewives of DC addressing the initiative and stressing the important role that parents have in preventing anti-gay comments and attitudes. The video includes cast members Mary and Rich Amons, Stacie and Jason Turner, Catherine Ommanney and Lynda Erkiletian, all of whom are parents who work to teach their children that bullying is never an option. They also urge parents and families everywhere to send a similar message and to teach their children to be tolerant and accepting of everyone, including those in the LGBT community.  The video also includes a segment featuring Housewives star Paul Wharton, who discusses his feelings of isolation as a gay youth and how everyone should take a stand against bullying on Facebook and in their communities. GLAAD applauds the stars of Real Housewives for speaking up about anti-gay bullying on Facebook to promote a safe environment for everyone in the LGBT community. To learn more about Facebook Safety and what you can do to take a stand against bullying, go to their website!