Laura Bush Salutes Joel Burns, Condemns Bullying

The former First Lady has added her voice to the chorus of public figures who are standing up against the epidemic of anti-gay bullying in our nation's schools. According to AP:
She said in an interview at the Women's Conference 2010 in California on Tuesday that all bullying - "certainly gay teens, but any children" is terrible. The former first lady referred to a series of recent suicides by gay teens, according to an ABC News report that Bush spokesman David Scherzer confirmed on Wednesday. She said adults have to be the ones who do something about it.
Bush was right to decry all bullying behavior and to specifically single out anti-gay bullying. As author and bullying expert Rosalind Wiseman said last month, "if we don’t name this behavior, then we are going to lose it, and it’s going to go back to bullying in the playground is the problem, and we’re going to lose all of the improvements that we have made.”
AP reports Laura Bush also praised the appeal to gay young people by Fort Worth City Council member Joel Burns, expressing pride in the openly gay councilman's account of being bullied when he was young and assuring gay youth that "it will get better."
GLAAD worked closely with Joel earlier this month to prepare him for quite a few high-profile interviews he did, following his incredibly moving speech about his own youth experiences.