NBC's Outlaw Tackles Florida's Anti-Gay Adoption Ban

NBC's new courtroom drama Outlaw addressed Florida's recently lifted ban on adoption for gay and lesbian couples. In the October 23rd episode titled "In Re: Tyler Banks," a teenage boy who is in and out of foster care requires a liver transplant in order to survive. After Dean, a male nurse who has been caring for Tyler volunteers to adopt him, there is hope for Tyler.  Yet, after it is discovered that Dean is gay, the transplant is immediately halted, shedding light on the ugly reality this legislation presented for countless gay and lesbian Floridians. The judge calls on Dean to testify in Tyler's case: CAUTION: SPOILERS BELOW!! Just before the judge gives custody of Tyler to Dean, the defense brings in a heterosexual couple who is willing to immediately adopt Tyler so that the controversial law will not be overturned. While the court is in recess, Garza and his team plan what to do next--take a stand for the rights of gay and lesbian parents, or to take the deal and allow Tyler to be adopted by a heterosexual couple: Because Tyler's time is running out, Garza and Dean decide to allow Tyler to be adopted by a heterosexual couple. To watch the full episode, go to Outlaw's official website. GLAAD applauds NBC for its portrayal of the harmful effects that this ban had on many gay and lesbian Floridians who were forbidden to provide loving, committed homes for thousands of children and teens in foster care. Although Outlaw will soon be airing its final episodes, it provides an example of how current issues that face the LGBT community can inspire truly compelling drama.