LGBT Religion News Roundup - October 22, 2010

October 22, 2010
From bishops to students, the sadness over the deaths of so many young people targeted by anti-gay bullying moved the whole country to go purple for Spirit DayReligious leaders signed on to an anti-bullying statement as many began to reflect on the role of religion in bullyingChurches are stepping up, and rallies, vigils and press conferences are springing up everywhere.  Faith leaders‎ are joining the "It Gets Better" campaign.  And pro-LGBT Protestant organizers are launching a new phase of the movement.

Some of GLAAD's NY staff in Spirit Day purple
Anti-LGBT religious trends still continue as a Minnesota archbishop denied gay activists Holy Communion and advocates have to fend off a massive distribution of anti-marriage-equality DVDs. Mormon Affirmation Utah and DC activists spoke out against LDS apostle Boyd K. Packer’s words.  Orthodox Jewish leaders protested a wedding announcement for a gay couple in a Jewish publication.  Paladino attributes his anti-gay attitudes to his religion.  A Rwanda Anglican archbishop vows to fight marriage for gay and lesbian couples, and a recently launched newspaper headline read  'hang them' and published photos of 100 pro-LGBT leaders from Uganda. But support continues to grow as another Lutheran minister is reinstated and congregations decide to be inclusive. Rabbi Steve Greenberg speaks out on the cost of not standing up.  An openly gay Presbyterian man hopes to re-enter ministry, and a Presbyterian court affirmed the ordination of a partnered gay man.‎

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