Faith Leaders Against Bullying Lead Sign-On Campaigns

October 21, 2010
Faith leaders representing millions launched anti-bullying sign-on campaigns in the days leading up to "Spirit Day."As Facebook became a sea of purple and TV stars joined Latino stars and newscasters to remember those lost to bullying,  GLAAD Religion, Faith and Values staff worked with Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith leaders to help amplify their faith voices in the media with a clear message of “No More Bullying!” Thousands of Jewish leaders signed a pledge to end "homophobic bullying or harassment of any kind in our synagogues, schools, organizations, and communities."  Organizers for the "Do Not Stand Idly By" statement are on their way to their goal of 18,000 signatures. Muslims for Progressive Values posted a statement saying, "Some Muslim countries have made homosexuality illegal, and even executed gay individuals. We call upon Muslims across the globe to re-examine their beliefs, and to dedicate themselves to the basic Quranic principles of equality, justice, compassion and freedom of conscience that pertain to all human beings." The National Council of Churches led the way to garner historic numbers of heads of Christian communities and denominational executives representing millions of people in a "Clergy Against Bullying" statement, as "LGBT and straight people of faith standing together for the shared values of decency and civility, compassion and care in all interactions." The push is on to add signers to each statement.