Hillary Clinton Sends Supportive Message to Struggling Teens

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined numerous other Americans in promoting positive messages of acceptance towards LGBT youth. On Tuesday, she released a video on YouTube supporting victims of anti-LGBT bullying, echoing the sentiment behind the “It Gets Better” campaign. Clinton’s message - titled "Tomorrow Will Be Better" - encouraged viewers to take care of themselves and related their struggles to American values. “Hang in there and ask for help,” she said. “Your life is so important – to your family, your friends, and to your country. There’s so much waiting for you...The story of America is the story of people coming together to tear down barriers, stand up for rights, and insist on equality, not only for themselves, but for all people. And in the process, they create a community of support and solidarity that endures.” Binary Data zXBpW8GCDtY Her touching message comes at a crucial time for the LGBT community, as military recruiters were given instructions on Tuesday to discontinue the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law and as today marks "Spirit Day" across the nation. Many other politicians and celebrities have also expressed their sadness over recent suicides due to anti-LGBT sentiment, and the campaign to reach young people seems to be growing. GLAAD encourages young people to tell their individual stories by submitting their own videos to the project.