Ask Ellen to Wear Purple on Wednesday's Show in Honor of LGBT Youth and Spirit Day

Few people are more outspoken about the dangers of anti-LGBT bullying than Ellen DeGeneres. Late last month, for instance, Ellen offered a heartfelt plea to her viewers, telling young people specifically that “things will get easier, people’s minds will change and you should be alive to see it.” In honor of Spirit Day, GLAAD is asking Ellen to show her support for LGBT youth by wearing purple on Wednesday’s show. But we need your help! On Twitter? Tweet Ellen now and ask her to wear purple on Wednesday’s show in remembrance of those youth lost to anti-LGBT bullying. Copy and paste the tweet below, or tweet a message of your own!
Ask @TheEllenShow to wear purple to end anti-LGBT bullying 10/20 for #SpiritDay Please RT! @glaad
Don’t forget to join GLAAD and show your support for LGBT youth this Wednesday by wearing purple and customizing your Facebook and Twitter profiles with Spirit Day purple! To learn how, visit