UPDATE: GLAAD Provides Media Training to Joel Burns; See All Media Coverage

On our blog last Thursday, we shared Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns' very moving and heartfelt message aimed at reaching students struggling with the detrimental effects of anti-LGBT bullying as well as the adults who must not let bullying continue to happen. Just as our blog post was published last Thursday at approximately 5:30 EST, Joel responded to GLAAD's offer of support.  We immediately provided media training to Joel to assist him with speaking to Americans about LGBT issues. He was preparing for several upcoming high-profile, national media engagements. RECENT MEDIA COVERAGE: -On Thursday, Oct. 21st, Joel spoke with Michael Signorelli, a host of OutQ on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio (Sirius channel 109/XM channel 98).  The interview aired at 3:30 EST.  Joel also spoke with Sirius/XM Satellite Radio host Dr. Laura Berman of Oprah Radio (Sirius channel 195/XM channel 156) on Thursday, Oct. 21st.  This interview aired at 5:00 EST. -Joel and his partner, J.D. Angle, appeared on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday, Oct. 20th.  Please note below that it was on this program that Joel gave his first nationally-televised interview (Thursday, Oct. 14th).  GLAAD sends a big "thank you" to the show's producers for being the first to help expose Joel's powerful message to a national audience. -Joel Burns appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with his mother, Janette, on Wednesday, Oct. 20th - Spirit Day! -MTV News profiled Joel for a piece that aired on Monday, Oct. 18th and is now broadcast online. -Joel was interviewed for Inside Edition.  The interview aired on Monday, Oct. 18th. -On Monday morning (Oct. 18th), Joel was interviewed by Matt Lauer LIVE on NBC's Today show. -On Sunday, Oct. 17th, Joel conducted interviews for WNYW-5, the Fox affiliate in New York City, and The Daily Beast. -On Saturday evening (Oct. 16th), Joel was interviewed for a piece that aired on NBC Nightly News.  GLAAD coordinated this interview as well.  You can view Joel's entire interview with NBC correspondent Miguel Almaguer by clicking here. -On Saturday morning (Oct. 16th), NBC Weekend Today correspondent Miguel Almaguer reported a bullying piece in which Joel Burns' emotional message was the central feature.  GLAAD set-up this interview for which our president, Jarrett Barrios, was also interviewed. -On Saturday morning (Oct. 16th), Joel was interviewed by Chris Wragge LIVE on CBS' The Early Show.  GLAAD set-up this interview, which continued LIVE on the internet on CBS' Backstage Live (if the video is unavailable, please check back later to see this extended interview after the site has been updated with this week's content). -On Saturday, Oct. 16th, New York Daily News staff writer Sean Alfano wrote about Joel for the newspaper. -On Friday night (Oct. 15th), ABC's 20/20 continued their four-part special on bullying.  Producers have confirmed that Joel's video will air at some point during this series, but we have not received final confirmation as to when exactly. -Via Twitter, Joel encouraged his followers to tune-in to the last 10 minutes of the Friday, Oct. 15th installment of ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer. -Joel also appeared on the Friday, Oct. 15th episode of the NPR radio program All Things Considered. -On Friday afternoon (Oct. 15th), Joel was interviewed LIVE on MSNBC. -On Friday afternoon (Oct. 15th), Joel was interviewed LIVE by Ali Velshi, host of CNN's Newsroom.  Joel's video ran in its entirety (13 minutes), followed by an interview. -Joel's video was played on MSNBC Thursday night (Oct. 14th) during The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell. Please tune-in to these programs and share this information with others.  Joel has a very powerful message, and GLAAD is doing everything within our means to support Joel and expand his reach. **Please note that this blog post will be updated if/when new scheduling information becomes available.** Binary Data ax96cghOnY4