October's IN THE LIFE Features Anti-Gay Legislation in Florida and Liza

IN THE LIFE, the longest running television series highlighting LGBT culture, spotlights the state of Florida this month, and features special interviews with gay icon Liza Minnelli. While South Beach and Key West remain the most sought out travel destinations for the LGBT community, Florida is one of the most anti-gay states in the nation. As GLAAD reported last month, a three-decade old ban on adoption for gay and lesbian couples was lifted, bringing the state closer to full equality for all citizens. In 1977, Florida passed an ordinance to protect gay and lesbian citizens from discrimination. Unfortunately this highly progressive step forward was the motivating catalyst for Anita Bryant's notorious Save Our Children campaign, which sought to repeal the ordinance and was supported by fundamentalist Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell. While the crusade spurred retaliation by LGBT people across the nation, it led to a legalized ban on adoption for gay couples that remained intact for over three decades. IN THE LIFE traveled to Florida to talk with Martin Gill, an openly gay foster father of two children who filed a lawsuit against the ban. Thanks to Gill's perseverance, the ban was deemed unconstitutional on September 22, 2010, after the taping of this episode. Later, Liza (with a Z), who has long been considered "the darling of the gay community" talks with her actor/playwright Charles Busch about everything from her Oscar-winning career to how she gained her status as an icon within the LGBT community. To find out when October's IN THE LIFE will be airing in your area or to stream or download it, go to IN THE LIFE 's website or watch the full episode below!