LGBT Religion News Roundup – September 27, 2010

September 28, 2010
In Minnesota, Catholic bishops distributed 400,000 copies of an anti-LGBT equality DVD to Catholic members.  Creative responses include making sculptures out of the DVD’s and a “send them back” campaign.  Many Catholics want the church to spend that money on serving the poor, not fighting marriage for gay couples. The US Council of Catholic Bishops also took time to chastise Catholic theologians at Creighton University in Omaha for their pro-LGBT beliefs. Allegations against Bishop Eddie Long dominated the media this week.  The mega-church leader spent decades preaching against LGBT people and is now accused of sexual misconduct with young men in his masculinity leadership programs.   Long said he was “under attack” and vowed to fight the accusations, but he has not claimed innocence. The crisis inspired CNN anchor Don Lemon to break the silence on his own experience of abuse. Among Protestants, a United Methodist Church in Denver celebrated 150 years of progressive ministry and welcomes LGBT people.   Presbyterian Lisa Larges continues to fight the good fight for ordination as she faced another day of church trials in San Francisco, which will be appealed to the denomination’s high court.  Lutherans welcomed the Rev. Jen Nagel in a low-key service.  Rev. Nagel is openly lesbian and serves in Minnesota. A small minority of anti-LGBT Lutherans continue to break away. In the mix, Dr. Jane Allison Shaw became the first woman dean and first openly gay dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.   Rowan Williams, head of the global Anglican Church waffled on acceptance of LGBT priests and bishops.   An “ex-gay” conference in an Illinois church drew protestors.  Some folks are feeling like the churches are ahead of the politicians when it comes to "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell."  In the Jewish Orthodox world, prayers now include gay people. A gay film festival opened in Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country.  Another film about gay people was shown for the first time in the Arab world.  And one writer reflected on the problems of Islam and LGBT people.