LGBT Religion News Roundup - Sept. 10, 2010

September 11, 2010
LGBT faith leaders spoke out against a rising tide of intolerance this week as the church at the center  of the Quran burning controversy is also known for its anti-gay stance.  Religion and politics bubbled as California legislators passed a bill condemning Uganda’s “anti-homosexuality” bill. Lou Engle was in Sacramento to kick off a series of events endorsed by Newt Gingrich to fast and pray for the midterm elections.  And a gay-friendly Mormon Republican is running for Utah state senator. A Boise Weekly article summarized the export of homophobia to Africa by US Evangelists. Uganda’s “anti-homosexuality” bill calling for the death penalty for LGBT people has not gone away, and the recently defeated Ugandan ethics minister threatened renewed efforts against gays. The Pope is going to Britain where  some masses are attended primarily by LGBT people.  Protests are being planned, and some wonder about  "the future of Catholicism." Personal stories rose to the surface as a United Methodist minister in Atlanta remembered Duran Robinson,  slain Black Gay Pride organizer.  Working to save lives, Danielle Girdano is riding 8,000 miles to fight LGBT teen suicide and is being welcomed by UCC church groups and LGBT groups across the country.  Michael Menachem Kniespeck is featured in Pride Source for his humanitarian work through Jewish Gay Network of Michigan.  Alice Bouvier’s documentary tells the story of Sara Herwig, a transgender woman of faith.  Joanna Brooks wrote that "everyone should know the story of Cary Crall," a young Mormon who understands that the arguments for Prop 8 based on fear and religion were not used in recent court proceedings because they were not true.  Marquette, a Catholic university will have a new president who supports LGBT students. On another Catholic campus, students spoke out against the banning of Equality Texas from a job fair. In the mix, the creators of, the most popular far-right web site on line with more than 27 million views in August, just outed themselves as satirists who are mocking people who never question what they read and hear in the media. Lady Gaga is training to become a minister to perform marriages for gays and lesbians. A Bay Area pastor paid for an ad in Korean-language papers against marriage equality.  And, a student at Drury College in Missouri is tracking the Westboro Baptist Church and the nature of freedom of speech. For a list of stories each week, sign up for the News Summary by writing “subscribe” in the subject line to