When Candidates Attack, the Media Must Report

Just because there are no marriage or adoption issues on the ballot this year, that doesn't mean our community isn't being used as a political wedge issue.  Plenty of candidates in 2010 have trotted out the strategy of using the lives of LGBT people to divide and distract voters. When candidates use this ugly tactic, we think the voters have a right to see it for what it is - and we think the media has a responsibility to drag it out of the shadows. That's why we issued an Eye on the Media today. Just a few examples of the defamation coming out of this campaign season so far: Our issues don't need to be on the ballot for our lives to be impacted by an election. The rhetoric used by candidates -- people who are usually well-respected members of their community -- can set the tone for how that community feels about LGBT people. But we can walk away winners if the media shines a light on this cynical and destructive tactic, and gives the American people the chance to reject it outright.