LGBT Religion News Roundup - August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010
After a wave of court and legislative decisions in support of marriage in Mexico, a bishop and a priest  boldly supported equality this week.  Marriage was at issue as The Rev. Janie Spahr was tried by the Presbyterians for performing legal weddings for gay and lesbian couples.  California is still bubbling with the question of   “Who has standing?” to talk about being harmed by the court’s recent decision to allow marriages for gay couples again.  Some conservative religious people are quick to say they are harmed, so California passed a law this week that reiterates religious freedom for clergy—a freedom already guaranteed by the Constitution.

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Rowan Williams, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury preached an oblique sermon to African bishops in Entebbe, Uganda, calling for “open minds” and was dismissed outright.  The proposed “kill the gays” bill is still pending in Uganda.  Back in England, conservative Anglican efforts to boycott the popular Greenbelt Christian arts festival  because of gay advocate Peter Tatchell's appearance ended up fueling ticket purchases. In New Jersey, despite protests by a local Catholic bishop, a controversial college class titled “The Politics of Gay Marriage” at Seton Hall University will go on as scheduled.   In light of such hierarchical resistance, it’s understandable that some bloggers guffawed when they got wind of the formation of a new pro-gay Catholic group formed, but Catholics for Equality will soon launch with the secure knowledge that Catholic members are the most supportive faith group there is. Media coverage on the formation of a new Lutheran group has been fair and balanced.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune noted that Lutherans bowed but are not broken, and Minnesota Public Radio profiled a progressive woman who is looking for community in the midst of the controversy.  MPR's collection of profiles from Lutheran churches on the churches new policies shouldn’t be missed. In the mix, In Texas, yet another child was kicked out of school, because her parents are lesbians.  Republican leader, Ken Mehlman, who is Jewish, came out as gay.  Republican pundit, Ann Coulter blasted ‘fake Christians’  for opposing her speech to GOProud, a gay Repulican group.  The LDS Church is using TV spots in targeted cities to promote a more everyday look to Mormons. The so called “ex-gay” ministries are hitting the skids.  To end on a pastoral note, enjoy the article about a Mennonite community in Sarasota that welcomes everyone.