Neil Patrick Harris and Partner, David Burtka Expecting Twins

Actors/partners Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are expecting twins! US Magazine reports the Hollywood power couple plans to have a boy and a girl through a surrogate this fall. Harris will join several other celebrity gay dads, like Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin, but he will become one of the highest-profile gay men to start a family while out. As GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios told AOL's PopEater blog: "As more and more loving and committed gay and lesbian couples start families together, it is important to see stories like Neil's that reflect what most fair-minded Americans already know: gay people and our families are no different than them. For many, Neil is the first gay person they've seen come out, fall in love and become a dad, and his story is helping Americans understand that gay people deserve the same opportunity to take care of our families and loved ones." Best of luck to the soon-to-be family of four!