LGBT Religion News Roundup - August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010
What a week! Conservatives scrambled behind the scenes to determine who was to blame for the court loss on Prop 8. GLAAD analyzed media coverage day by day and compiled faith leaders' comments. The religion angle was hot as reporters speculated about what would be said from pulpits on both sides. Despite strident voices of religious conservatives and the condemnation of Catholic and Mormon officials, the celebration by faith leaders was loud and clear. Jewish leaders celebrated equality for all,with the exception of Orthodox rabbis. Veteran Black Civil Rights leader and United Methodist minister, Gil Caldwell, laid out the need for support in the Black community in The Root. Episcopal Bishop Bruno of Los Angeles was exhuberant, a Mormon gay couple said "Thank you!" Unitarian Universalists cheered and Debra Hafner of the Religious Institute just said, "C'mon, let's celebrate!" Others, like the Mormon mother of a gay son and lesbian daughter, urged other parents to tell their stories to help build support. Public Religion Research staff noted that a new survey finds prop 8 wouldn't pass today. Lutherans Concerned executive director, Emily Eastwood, said, "We are reaching the tipping point in both church and state as justice is indeed rolling down like waters." Three scholars provide a Religion Dispatches on-line panel discussion of "rites and rights," and Patrick Cheng said that "It's about love." Internationally, marriage was up front as the courts in Mexico upheld Mexico City's same-sex marriage law and ruled in favor of recognizing same-sex marriage in all 31 states. In England, a former vicar was barred from fostering children after refusing to have gay couples in his home.