Farmers Insurance Group Pulls Ads From Clear Channel National Radio Program Following Host Jim Quinn's Defamation

August 10, 2010
On July 29 GLAAD issued a Call to Action after nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio host, Jim Quinn made defamatory comments against the LGBT community for the third time in three years.  On the July 28 edition of “The War Room with Quinn & Rose,” Quinn said, “Pedophilia is far more rampant among the gay community than it is among the straight community." After urging our members to take action, nearly two thousand people wrote to Clear Channel and questioned why the media company continues to give Jim Quinn a platform to disparage LGBT people. Read more about our Call to Action here. We also asked companies that advertise on the program to seriously consider future placement, given Quinn’s troubling record of defamation.  Today Farmers Insurance Group told GLAAD that after listening to our concerns, it is pulling all advertising support from Clear Channel’s “The War Room with Quinn & Rose.”  Farmers’ Assistant Vice President for Media and Public Relations, North America, Jerry Davies, confirmed the ad pull and thanked GLAAD for making the company aware of Quinn’s defamatory attacks against the LGBT community. GLAAD thanks Farmers for sending a message that it will not support programs that denigrate our community.  We will keep you posted on any future developments in this campaign. We also urge you to continue calling on Clear Channel to stop allowing Jim Quinn’s disturbing pattern of on-air abuse. Write to Clear Channel here.