Media Coverage of Prop 8 Decision: Day Two

Reactions are still pouring in from across the country to Wednesday's historic decision by a federal judge, that California's Prop 8 violates the US Constitution. Vaughn Walker's decision is being heralded as "carefully calibrated," "anchored in factual findings," and "mighty." Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post (and frequent contributor to Countdown with Keith Olberman) writes that Walker "hit a home run." The Post also reports on how groups on both sides of the issue plan to organize around the ruling. The Los Angeles Times talked to legal experts about the way Judge Walker presented his ruling, and how it may force higher courts to treat the case differently than they might have otherwise. The New York Times profiles Judge Walker himself, and the Reagan/George H W Bush appointee's conservative background. The Times also takes a closer look at the potential political fallout from the decision. Think Progress sees far right reaction to the Perry Case as part of a larger pattern of conservative opposition to constitutional rights. The blog Science Duck takes a closer, statistical look at the impact of marriage equality on society's overall marriage "culture," and finds that divorce rates go down when same-sex couples can marry. And both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report weighed in on the judge's decision last night. Jon Stewart criticized some of the media coverage of the ruling, while Stephen Colbert came up with a rather elaborate plan to ruin at least one mariage.