Seven Pastors Welcomed Back into the Largest U.S. Lutheran Denomination

July 27, 2010
Seven LGBT Lutheran pastors, previously ordained in protest of official policies of discrimination in the Evangelical Church in America, were welcomed back to the denomination under the new policies passed in August, 2009, that allow full inclusion of LGBT people.  The moving ceremony in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, in San Francisco, which was streamed on-line, July 25, 2010,could easily have been overlooked by media since it was not a story of conflict—but one of reconciliation and celebration.  But, with GLAAD’s assistance, this historical event received the media attention it deserved.

Pastors Paul Brenner, Megan Rohrer, Dawn Roginski, Sharon Stalkfleet, Jeff Johnson and Craig Minich. Not Pictured: Ross Merke

Articles in the New York Times, Associated Press , Regional Fox TV, multiple broadcast and print media outlets meant that a Sunday afternoon service which could have gone under the radar, was picked up by hundreds of outlets and touched the hearts and minds of millions of people across the country—and across the world.  With GLAAD’s help, and the decades of work by Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries’ and other Lutheran pro-LGBT groups, people are hearing the message that churches are opening their doors and their hearts to the full equality of LGBT people.