GLAAD Releases The Kids Are All Right Resource Guide

July 12, 2010
Today, GLAAD released a resource guide for the new film The Kids Are All Right, starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. The guide is intended as a tool for journalists and bloggers who want to learn more about the topics covered in the film and includes talking points on donor insemination, how to discuss alternative families and information on real life stories. To view the guide, please visit: In the film by out filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko, Bening and Moore play a longtime couple who began a family through donor insemination, each mother bearing a child. As teenagers, the couple's children decide to track down their donor (Ruffalo) without telling their mothers. The film deals with how the family copes once the donor enters their lives. "What’s so interesting about this movie is that it really highlights how important a family is. What a long-term relationship is," said Moore in an interview with "What it means to stick it out with somebody; to forgive people’s mistakes; to punish people within your family; to guide them toward growing up and leaving after you’ve been so attached — all of these things. The film is a really interesting exploration of that.” According to, The Kids Are All Right opened on seven screens this past Friday and scored the highest per screen gross this year so far with $72,127 per screen. If its box office performance is any indication, The Kids Are All Right underscores the desire among American audiences to see lesbian stories reflected on screen. The film will be expanding into 11 new markets this week. For more information, please visit the film's official website.