What to Watch: Tuesday, June 29

Tune in for ABC Family's newest bisexual storyline in Pretty Little Liars, and later Kathy Griffin has a stand up gig in Alaska where she meets up with Levi Johnston. Tuesday, June 29 8:00 pm Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW The girls try to find their stalker in order to cease the mysterious text messages. Little do they know, they have a lot more surprises to come.

What's going on with Pretty Little Liars' Emily and Maya after their steamy kiss last week?

9:00 pm America’s Got Talent, NBC (1 hr) NEW Tune in tonight as the preliminary auditions continue! Who knows what LGBT contestants may pop up tonight! 10:00 pm Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Bravo (1 hr) NEW Kathy packs her bags and heads to Alaska for a stand-up gig where she meets up with Levi Johnston. Later, the duo visit two gay bars and Kathy hosts a dog-sledding tournament.