ABC Refuses to Correct Dangerous Myths Put Forth on "The View"

June 25, 2010
Yesterday GLAAD released a Call to Action for community members and allies to contact executives at the ABC Television Network following a highly problematic June 22 segment on ABC's "The View."  During the broadcast, host Sherri Shepherd and guest host D.L. Hughley perpetuated dangerous myths about African American gay and bisexual men, blaming them for increased HIV rates among African American women, despite evidence to the contrary from the Centers for Disease Control. You can read more about our Call to Action here. Following our Call to Action, ABC heard from thousands of people urging hosts of "The View" to issue an on-air apology and correct the misinformation they elevated on the program. But the show still refuses to address this problem. "ABC now knows that it put out dangerous and false information about HIV/AIDS on its airwaves, yet the network still refuses to take responsibility," said Rashad Robinson, GLAAD's Senior Director of Programs. "ABC and 'The View's' refusal to correct Shepherd and Hughley's inaccurate and harmful remarks comes at the expense of the millions of audience members who deserve better and a public at large that needs media to take this issue seriously." TAKE ACTION NOW - Send an email GLAAD's telling ABC that Shepherd and Hughley's comments are unacceptable:
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