June's Edition of In the Life Showcases the Intersections of Church and State

This month's edition of In the Life, a documentary news series highlighting issues specific to the LGBT community, follows faith-based initiatives that continue to merge the gap between church and state. In the first segment titled "Democracy or Theology?" documents the disparities between the U.S. Constitution and the way democracy is enacted in America today. While the first amendment was initiated to protect government from religious influence, many faith leaders continue to use religion as a foundation to deny LGBT Americans marriage equality.

This month's IN THE LIFE documents the intersection between church and state here and abroad.

The second segment, "Exporting Hate" focuses on the 2009 anti-homosexuality bill enacted in by the Ugandan Parliament. This bill, which legalizes the death penalty for citizens who commit homosexual acts, has led to many LGBT Ugandans to be hunted down or exiled from their own communities. This segment highlights interviews with evangelicals behind the initiation of the bill and addresses the financial influence of conservatives in the U.S. that enabled such an anti-gay bill to be passed. "Intersections of Church and State" began airing on June 1st. To find out when it will be airing in your area or to stream or download this episode, go to the In the Life website.