Alabama Radio Hosts Disparage LGBT Pride Proclamation

June 18, 2010
Nationally syndicated radio hosts Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey, of the Alabama based "Rick & Bubba Show," made highly offensive comments on a recent program, denouncing President Obama's LGBT Pride Month Proclamation. The hosts spent nearly 10 minutes criticizing the declaration, making comparisons between LGBT people, alcoholics and those who are unfaithful in marriage, and pointing to the bible as a reason to discriminate against our community. Binary Data 8LuqH2edRoA The Rick and Bubba Show originates on WZZK-FM (Cox Radio Inc.) in Birmingham, Alabama and is syndicated to dozens of radio stations across the country by the Connecticut based company, Syndicated Solutions.  It can also be heard on XM Satellite Radio. GLAAD is reaching out to both WZZK-FM (Cox Radio Inc.) and Syndicated Solutions to voice concern and urge not only an apology from the hosts, but a follow-up segment featuring LGBT people of faith and our allies.  We urge you to do the same. Broadcasters and syndication companies have a responsibility to ensure that their programs and platforms are not used to denigrate any community. Take Action: Please contact WZZK-FM (Cox Radio Inc.) in Birmingham, Alabama and Syndicated Solutions in Ridgefield, Connecticut and tell the companies to stop allowing the Rick & Bubba Show a platform to disparage the LGBT community.  Urge executives to ensure a follow-up segment that gives LGBT people of faith and our allies equal time on the program to respond to the hosts' offensive remarks. Contacts:

David DuBose, General Manager


(205) 916-1100


Justin Case, Program Director

WZZK-FM (205) 916-1100 -------------------------------------- Bob Carey, President Syndicated Solutions (203) 431- 0790 -------------------------------------- John Clark, VP, Merging Media Syndicated Solutions (203) 431- 0790 Update: The Rick and Bubba Show released this statement on the WZZK-FM website in response to the criticism over their remarks: To Whom It May Concern, The comments that were made by me on the Rick and Bubba show concerning the president's proclamation for the month of June to be declared national gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender month were made from my Biblical world view and by no means was intended to offend or alienate anyone who doesn't share my point of view.
Sincerely, Rick Burgess
GLAAD will continue to urge the program to invite LGBT people of faith and allies onto the program and refrain from denigrating LGBT people on future broadcasts.