CALL TO ACTION: Demand that Bill O'Reilly & FOX News Apologize for Comparing Gay People to al Qaeda

June 3, 2010
On the June 2 edition of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly made highly offensive comments while discussing a gay themed McDonald’s advertisement currently airing in France. After playing the ad for his viewers O’Reilly asked Jane Skinner to weigh in on the content. Skinner pointed out that the ad campaign is “part of an overreaching campaign called ‘come as you are,’ which you saw at the end there. So they show people in different walks of life.” O’Reilly then asked, “Do they have an al Qaeda ad, you know, come as you are? You know?” Watch the video below: Instead of evaluating the commercial in a fair manner, O’Reilly used the occasion to defame the LGBT community, suggesting that McDonald’s might begin marketing to terrorists simply because the company produced a gay friendly television commercial. His lighthearted tone in the segment was equally disturbing. Cable opinion programs like “The O’Reilly Factor” have a responsibility to cover issues with a level of respect and civility. Bill O’Reilly failed to live up to that standard in making these defamatory remarks. Fox News Channel is equally accountable for allowing O’Reilly a platform for this insulting and irresponsible commentary. TAKE ACTION NOW! Please contact Fox News Channel and voice your concerns about Bill O’Reilly history of verbal attacks on LGBT people including this latest incident of comparing the gay community to al Qaeda. Urge O’Reilly and Fox News to apologize and tell the network to stop allowing its airwaves to be used for anti-gay defamation. Click here to send an email demanding apologies from Bill O'Reilly and FOX News executives. Contacts: Amy Sohnen Executive Producer, The O’Reilly Factor Fox News Channel (212) 301-3197 William Shine Programming Executive Vice President Fox News Channel (212) 301-3289 David Clark Programming Senior Executive Producer Fox News Channel (212) 301-5352 Brian Lewis Corporate Communications Executive Vice President Fox News Channel (212) 301-3331 GLAAD Contacts: Cindi Creager Director of National News (646) 871-8019 Richard Ferraro Director of Public Relations (646) 871-8011 Read GLAAD's call to action.
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