Friday May 28th in NYC: Bi Lines III: A Celebration of Bisexual Writing

Honor Moore reads from her memoir The Bishop's Daughter at last year's Bi Lines

This Friday May 28th marks the third annual "Bi Lines: A Celebration of Bisexual Writing in Reading Music and Culture." The event, held the day after the Lambda Literary Awards, features authors reading from works which have been nominated for "Lammies" in the categories of Bisexual Fiction and Bisexual Nonfiction. This years participants include Bisexual Fiction Nominees  J. E. Knowles,  author of Arusha, and  Bobbie Geary, author of  The Janeid, as well as Bisexual Nonfiction Nominees Blake Bailey, author of Cheever: A Life, and Audrey Beth Stein, author of Map. According to Sheela Lambert, organizer of Bi Lines and founder of the Bi Writers Association, the association along with BiNet USA, successfully lobbied the Lambda Literary Awards for these categories in 2006. Prior to then, no category recognizing bisexual content existed in the nineteen year history of the awards. Additional writers/artists to be featured at Bi Lines are Herukhuti,  founder of Black Funk, reading essays from Conjuring Black Funk, Ann Herendeen, reading from her slash fiction novel, Pride / Prejudice: A Novel of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and Their Forbidden Lovers, and bisexual photographers Efrain Gonzalez, presenting images from his book West Street: A Photo Documentary of Night Life in the Old Meat Packing District of New York and Amanda Morgan, whose work will be in the upcoming Great LGBTQ Photo Show which opens June 15th at the Leslie Lohman Gallery, will also have work on display . So, if you're in New York City, come celebrate another year of achievements in bivisibility writing and art  this Friday 7pm at the LGBT Center at 208 West 13th Street.