GLAAD Shares Community Concerns About Last Night's Family Guy

May 10, 2010
Last night's all-new episode of Fox's Family Guy, "Quagmire's Dad," featured a storyline about Glenn Quagmire's father transitioning to become a woman named Ida. The episode has ignited significant controversy among the LGBT community with the predominant opinion being that the episode was incredibly offensive to transgender people. Queers United, AfterElton, Queerty and several other blogs have written about the episode and GLAAD has been contacted by community members concerned about scenes such as one in which food prepared by Ida is thrown in the trash by Lois Griffin and another in which Brian Griffin vomits after having sex with Ida and learning about her transgender identity. One community member also expressed concern about a later scene that implies that transgender people are sex offenders and should be classified as such. GLAAD shares the serious concerns being voiced from members of the community and GLAAD's Entertainment Media Team is addressing these with Fox. Next steps will be decided at that point. Please check back with the GLAADBlog and follow GLAAD on Twitter for the latest developments as they happen.