This Month's In the Life Highlights LGBT Seniors

This month's edition of In the Life, a documentary series that features issues specific to the LGBT community, explores the lives of LGBT seniors who remain unprotected from discrimination, which leads many of them to lead closeted lives.

This month's In the Life, "It's About Time" spotlights LGBT seniors.

In a segment that features a conversation between AARP President Jennie Chin Hansen and SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) Executive Director Michael Adams, the two experts discuss the unique needs of LGBT seniors and what their organizations are doing to build communities to advocate for equal rights and a higher quality of life for this often overlooked part of the LGBT community. Later, the episode takes a more intimate glimpse of the lives of LGBT seniors with Edie and Thea; A Very Long Engagement. After 42 years together, Edie and Thea decide to make the ultimate commitment to each other by getting  married. This short documentary pays homage to the couple whose love is eternal while the world around them is constantly changing, especially for LGBT people. This touching documentary draws on photographs and moments with the couple as a tribute to their enduring commitment to each other in a world that often did not accept them. To learn more about this month's In the Life, including information on when it is airing near you, go to