GLAAD Urges Increased Support for ENDA after Defamatory Washington Times Editorial

Last Friday, The Washington Times published an editorial entitled “Discrimination is Necessary” that advocated for discrimination against LGBT people. The editorial, which referred to LGBT people as “weirdos”, targeted the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)--a policy that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The paper also said that transgender people are unfit to teach children and resorted to using offensive slurs and unfounded arguments to defame the group.. It also misrepresented the bill that would create more fair workplaces and a more equal society. In response to the publication of this biased editorial, GLAAD issued an Action Alert against The Washington Times, encouraging LGBT community members and allies to join the ongoing efforts to pass ENDA now.  Visit for updates on the campaign and ways to get involved. GLAAD also reached out to companies and organizations who currently advertise in either the Times’ online or print editions to make them aware of their association with such strong anti-LGBT bias – and to request that they withdraw their support for a publication spreading such defamatory messages. As we stated in our Call to Action, “anti-gay activist groups like The Washington Times editorial board are engaging in nasty, defamatory attacks. They’ve lost the argument, and they know the facts are not on their side. They know that America is rejecting their ugly anti-gay bias, so now all they can do is call people “weirdos” and use slurs and scare tactics to try and make people afraid.” ENDA is set for a committee vote in the upcoming days.  GLAAD will continue monitor and encourage supporters to  hold the media accountable for  fair and accurate coverage of ENDA.