Will Tonight's Ugly Betty Bring the Big Justin Moment We've All Been Waiting For?

Ugly Betty says adios for good this season, but not before answering some of the shows biggest questions and dishing out some serious drama! Ugly Betty fans can't miss tonight's episode, which is the penultimate new hour before the series finale next week. Will Justin's first gay romance come out into the open? Tune in tonight to find out at 10pm on ABC!

Justin and his new boyfriend Austin on Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty fans have been waiting anxiously since the show's premiere in 2006 for Justin's first (gay) love story, and this season has finally given everyone what they have all been waiting for (almost). Although viewers were not terribly surprised about Justin's realization that he is gay, he still has not come out to his family about his relationship with his new boyfriend, Austin. Will  Justin bring Austin as his date for Hilda's wedding, or will he try to continue to keep his true identity hidden from the people he loves the most? Justin's relationship with Austin began when the two met in acting class, which led to a heartfelt kiss that audiences everywhere had been waiting for. After Bobby caught them kissing  last week, will Bobby be able to keep his mouth shut, or will he beat Justin to the chase? Whatever Justin decides to do this week at Hilda's big wedding, his story sheds a much needed light on the struggles that gay teens face as they try to come to terms with their newly discovered identity.