GLAAD's Rashad Robinson Featured on this Month's In The Life

This month's In the Life, the award-winning news series highlighting issues specific to the LGBT community, tackles hate-speech in a segment titled "The Nature of Hate." Rashad Robinson, GLAAD's Senior Director of Media Programs, joins other experts in discussing how hate-speech, in a nation lacking many legal protections for LGBT people, can be used to incite violence against the LGBT community.
April's in the Life highlights the media's effect on hate crimes against the LGBT community.

April's In The Life highlights the media's effect on perpetuating hate against the LGBT community.

Also featured in this month's episode is a segment on Alix Smith, a photographer who specializes in portraiture of LGBT couples and families. She addresses how  conventionally heterosexual depictions of families through portraiture shapes our community's perception of the family unit. Smith seeks to expand the idea of the "typical" family by photographing the LGBT families, who have not had their own history represented through portraiture. "The Nature of Hate" will begin airing April 1st. To find out when it airs in your local area, to stream or download the episode, go to the official In the Life website: