What to Watch: Wednesday, March 31

Tune in to see how Justin and Austin interact after their big kiss on Ugly Betty, and Mitchell and Cameron have their own issues to battle on Modern Family. Wednesday, March 31 8:00 pm America’s Next Top Model, The CW (1 hr) NEW The models, including out lesbian Tatianna, get their fangs ready for a vampire photo shoot, complete with plenty of blood! 9:00 pm Modern Family, ABC (30 min) NEW Gay couple Mitchell and Cameron have their own problems to deal with, as Mitchell deals with his low self-esteem, and Cameron gets involved in his neighbor’s business. Meanwhile, Claire has to find a new gadget for Phil’s birthday, and Jay takes on Manny and Gloria in a chess match. 9:00 pm American Idol, Fox (1 hr) NEW Don’t miss this elimination episode, which brings the number of contestants into the single digits!

Justin and his new crush, Austin on Ugly Betty

9:30 pm High Society, The CW (30 min) NEW Devorah Rose tries to beat Tinsley at her own game, while Dale crashes a party in order to confront Tinsley’s prince. Features Tinsley’s openly gay friend, Paul. 10:00 Ugly Betty, ABC (1 hr) NEW Don’t miss the budding romance between Justin and Austin! Also, Betty goes to London for fashion week and runs into an unexpected person. 10:00 pm Shear Genius, (1 hr) NEW No one was eliminated last week, but the stylists won’t be so lucky this time around, as fellow competitors choose the style and the tool that their competitors must use. Will gay stylist Matthew crumble under the pressure?