What to Watch: Thursday, March 25

Callie and Arizona feud over their future together on Grey's Anatomy, and Sarah and gay buddy Steve go to a concert and Sarah convinces everybody that they are high on The Sarah Silverman Program! Thursday, March 25 8:00 pm Vampire Diaries, The CW (1 hr) NEW Damon gets involved in a bachelor auction, while Elena looks for answers in regards to her birth mother. Also, Matt’s mom makes an unexpected appearance this week, and Alaric learns some secrets about his own past. Created by out screenwriter, Kevin Williamson.

Callie and Arizona have divergent plans for their future together.

8:00 pm FlashForward, ABC (1 hr) NEW Zoey (Gabrielle Union) tries to change Demitri’s future, while Aaron wants to find out why a black-ops unit is hunting for his daughter. Also, Mark wants answers about a conversation between Lloyd and him that happened during their flash forwards. Features lesbian butt-kicking FBI agent, Janis Hawk. 9:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (1 hr) NEW Lesbian couple Callie and Arizona want different things for their future, while Richard has a hard time in his new position. Also, some hard memories are brought up when one of Hunt’s patients wants to end her own life. 9:00 pm The Office, NBC (30 min) NEW The staffers prepare to get their drink on at happy hour, and Michael tries to impress some of Pam and Jim’s friends. Also, Dwight thinks twice about his agreement with Angela while Andy and Erin try to keep their relationship under the radar. 10:00 Project Runway, Lifetime (1 hr) NEW Watch as remaining out designers Anthony, Jay and Jonathan face their next challenge that involves turning technology into high fashion! Will they make it work or be out? 10:30 pm The Sarah Silverman Program, Comedy Central (30 min) NEW Sarah and openly gay Steve go to a concert, where Sarah tries to convince everyone that they are in an altered state of mind, and Laura tries to find a solution to Jay’s involuntary laughter in bed.