South Florida Sun Sentinel Removes Offensive Poll Following GLAAD Outreach

On Thursday, GLAAD was alerted to a Sun-Sentinel online poll that asked if gun owners made better adoptive parents than gays and lesbians. The question, featured in the Florida paper's online Today's Buzz, section asked: "Who would make a better adoptive parent: a gun owner or a gay?" At the crux of the online poll is the fact that Florida is the only state that explicitly prohibits adoption on the basis of sexual orientation. But the problematic survey combined the adoption ban with this week's decision by Florida's House of Representatives unanimous approval of House Bill 315. The bill would ban adoption agencies from asking would-be adoptive parents whether they keep guns at home. Community members reached out to GLAAD with concerns about the framing of the question and we asked the newspaper to take the poll down. The paper complied. While the Sentinel's unscientific poll casually asked a meaningless question, 35,000 eligible children languish in the state's foster care system and are denied permanent homes. These children are left in an endless cycle of frequent relocation to foster homes, years in state care and worse yet - aging out of the system because they were denied a loving, forever home and caring parents. Florida's blanket adoption law disregards what is in the best interest of children. Bottom line – this hurts them. GLAAD will continue to spotlight the concrete harms of Florida's adoption ban and criticize media outlets that miss the mark in their coverage. You can read more about Florida's adoption ban here and here.