What to Watch: This Weekend (March 12-14)

The television premiere of Her Name Was Steven tells a unique story of a transgender woman who was the city manager of Largo, Florida, and out comedian Carol Leifert competes in the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice! Friday, March 12 9:00 pm Shameless, Sundance (1 hr) NEW Tom and Debbie help out a victim of assault, but later discover that it was a bad idea. Features Also features gay son Ian, Ian’s bisexual mother, Monica, her ex-girlfriend, Norma, and Mickey, the gay son of a local gangster. 9:00 pm Caprica, SyFy (1 hr) NEW What’s going on between Clarice and Amanda? And will gay mobster Sam Adama have anyone on his hitlist? Tune in to find out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday, March 13 8:00 pm Her Name Was Steven, CNN (2 hrs) NEW This compelling documentary follows the transition of former Largo, FL city manager Steven Stanton, who becomes Susan, and the emotional journey that resulted from her transition from male to female. The documentary included interviews with Stanton’s family and friends that take the viewer into her unique experience.

Don't miss the premiere of Her Name Was Steven on CNN

9:00 pm Survivors, BBC America (1 hr) NEW When an energetic preacher comes to the survivors’ house, Anya, a doctor who lost her girlfriend as a result of an epidemic, is suspicious of his motives. 11:00 pm The Wanda Sykes Show, Fox (1 hr) NEW Move over Leno! The queen of funny is taking over with her own late night talk show! Don’t miss Wanda comment on everything from news, politics, sports, and pop culture mixed with field pieces, comedy segments, and panel discussions. Don’t miss this week when Wanda interviews out financial wiz, Suze Orman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, March 14 8:00 pm Amazing Race 16, CBS (1 hr) NEW The teams head to France where they reenact a World War I battle. Will lesbian couple Brandy and Carol have what it takes to fight on? 8:00 pm The Simpsons, Fox (30 min) NEW Homer and Marge try different parenting methods to teach Bart a lesson, but of course, he sees through it all. Features gay characters, Patty and Smithers. 9:00 pm Celebrity Apprentice, NBC (2 hrs) SEASON PREMIERE In this season 9 opener, the 14 celebs are divided into men vs. women teams to battle to manage a NYC diner. Will out writer/comedian Carol Leifer show the boys who’s boss? 9:00 pm Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW Gaby learns a valuable lesson after she meets up with some former colleagues (Guest stars Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova) while looking for Ana and Danny, while Preston comes back from Europe. Also, Mike wants to show Susan how manly he can be. 9:00 pm Tool Academy, VH1 (1 hr) NEW Don’t miss this week, when a heated therapy session makes one partner leave the academy! Will it be lady lovin’ tool Courtney or her girlfriend?