ACT NOW: Protest Upcoming Beenie Man Concerts in New York and Florida

On Monday, GLAAD was alerted that anti-gay, pro-violence reggae singer Beenie Man is scheduled to perform at Rochester’s Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, New York this Friday, March 12th.We’ve recently learned that he’s also scheduled to perform tomorrow at New York’s Imperial Club. It appears that the promoters are keeping the concert details quiet, perhaps out of concern over community backlash.  There is an online flyer for the event but no mention of the event on Water Street Music Hall’s web site, the promoter’s website or in local newspapers. However, Ticketmaster is continuing to sell tickets for the show, indicating the show will indeed happen. Beenie Man’s song "Han Up Deh" advocates violence against lesbians. “"Hang chi-chi gal wid a long piece a rope.” “Chi-chi gal” is a slang term for lesbian women. In another song, “Roll Deep,” he says, “tek a bazooka den shot batty f*cka” which loosely translates as “take a gun and shoot the gay man.” “Batty” is a common slur, which can be compared to fa**ot.

Beenie Man's lyrics promote violence against LGBT people.

 By hosting Beenie Man,  The Imperial club, the Water Street Music Hall management and the promoter are promoting the murder and harm of gay and lesbian people; they are also alienating and disregarding their hundreds of LGBT customers and constituents. Activists have been successful in getting many of Beenie Man’s shows cancelled, including shows across the US, in Canada and Australia. Earlier this month, GLAAD worked with the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and local activists to alert the community about the concerts of anti-gay reggae artist Capleton. Those concerts were canceled. In January, GLAAD and LA Gay & Lesbian Center and a consortium of national and local activists took out an ad in Daily Variety  speaking out  against Buju Banton’s Grammy nomination. Banton is currently imprisoned, awaiting trial on federal drug charges. We urge you to contact the Bennie Man concert promoters directly to express outrage that a musician whose lyrics blatantly promote violence against LGBT people is allowed to perform onstage. To protest Thursday's show at Imperial Room, contact: The Imperial Phone: (212) 352-2001 or Tony Taylor Promoter To protest Friday's show in Rochester, NY, contact: John Chmiel Owner/Booking/Bar Manager, Water Street Music Hall Phone: (585) 546-3887 ext 4 Promoter: Scott Jones Dajiah Vu Entertainment (585) 454-7230, press "0" to leave a message Beenie Man also has a concert scheduled for April 3rd in Orlando, Florida. Stay tuned to this blog for updates on how to protest that show. Our goal is that these artists would not be allowed to further spread their anti-gay, pro-violent message to audiences.